Kevin Watters

polyglot startup veteran turned gamedev, graphics programmer, and creative coder -


Blackout ( (2017)

Technical Artist and Engineer

Developed production tools used by the creative team to adjust dynamic lighting, soundscapes, and post-processing effects and shape the mood of the experience dynamically as its procedural systems evolve and change.

Zero Days VR ( (2017)

Technical Artist and Game Programmer

Designed and developed generative systems for major characters in a Sundance-featured VR documentary.

WILD ( (2016)

Unity C# Engineer, Freelance

Built custom shaders, optimized performance, and built experiences for an augmented reality contract for a major corporation.

Floodwatch ( (2015)

Senior Software Engineer, Freelance

Helped the Office for Creative Research in NYC build out Flask/Python infrastructure and a Javascript Chrome extension frontend for Floodwatch, their online-privacy-rights tool for fighting back against aggressive ad tracking.

Vessel ( (2013-2014)

Senior Software Engineer

Fifth employee and second engineer in well funded video startup taking on YouTube in the independent short-form video space. Built AWS infrastructure, web services, and front-end client code for a large-scale video streaming site in months, using Python, Flask, ffmpeg, coffeescript, and ReactJS.

Roadmap WebGL Interactive Presentation Framework (2013)

Created an interactive 3D experience for a client presentation on their history and roadmap with Javascript and ThreeJS.

Game Engineering Contract Work (2013)

Working in tandem with a game designer, engineered from scratch a prototype of a card battle game, using Lua and the MOAI game engine.

Tagged, Inc. (2011-2012)

Senior Software Engineer, DevTools

Worked in an internal strike team with Python, NodeJS, and PHP to bootstrap and provide tools and leadership for continuous delivery and TDD within the larger engineering organization.

Senior Software Engineer, Games

Spearheaded modern and lean Javascript with a homebrewed framework sharing code between the client and server, along with a highly scalable PHP backend, to deliver a social game to millions of users in record time-9 1/2 weeks.

Digsby (2008-2011)

Software Engineer/Startup Generalist

Joined the startup Digsby ( at its inception, and worked with 6 others to develop a multiprotocol social networking and instant messaging desktop client from scratch.

Gained extensive Python and C++ experience delivering a new Windows WebKit port embedded in a highly usable and functional desktop app to hundreds of thousands of users.


Rochester Institute of Technology

BS in Computer Science, Mathematics minor, May 2008

References available upon request.